This blog is written by Sal Wyatt who invented Life Lemonaid to keep her sane. And because she is an optimist.

There’s no agenda or higher purpose (as much as I’d love there to be, my money-making, world-saving big idea is, cough… work in progress). This is about giving my brain some fodder whilst I navigate raising two little people of the female variety (aged two years and 8 weeks respectively at the time of writing this blurb) and building a life in a new country (hello, Lausanne and Switzerland).

It’s a little space online that’s mine (because not even the bathroom is sacrosanct these days), that I have to fill with semi-coherent words every now and again because I have promised publicly that I am going to.

It’s also fuelled by a belief that life’s for living. Whatever it throws at you; lemons, life-changing choices, kids, new countries, failure, crises of confidence, general chaos, etc. And so that’s what I am going to write about. Giving life a squeeze.